Elvin Aerialist Rogue and One Boss Ass Bitch


Elf, Aerialist Rogue

STR: 12, CON: 10, DEX: 17, INT: 10, WIS: 14, CHA: 16

AC: 15, FORT: 11, REF: 15, WILL: 13


ITEMS: Leather Armour, Adventurer’s Kit, Daggers (2), Theives’ Tools


Many years ago, a family of Elves were nobles in the Eldeen Reaches. After a business venture went sour, they were forced to take what they could carry and move. Leaving the forests their family has know since the dawn of the kingdom. After many months of wondering from town to town, taking work where they could get it, they settled on a small farm just outside of Ringbriar in the kingdom of Droaam. Three generations have passed. The family is still struggling along, farming what little they can. This family consists of fourteen Elves, all working their hardest on their tiny farm. The eldest daughter of the heir of this family decided to seek out work in the metropolis, Sharn. After many moons of trying to find work, certain events lead her to use her natural abilities (and others she has picked up on the way, for she is a fast learner) to start a life of thievery. She now goes by the name Crowe. Presently, she is lurking in the lower parts of Sharn, evading the state and their “dogs”. Crowe does not let anyone get too close to her and likes it that way. But she has never forgotten her roots. Every few years she heads back home to visit her family. But who will she meet in the Lower City? What adventures await our mysterious friend?


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