Welcome to the campaign, I’ll be your dungeon master for this game.

The times are good for the people of Sharn. Everyone is going about their business as always, the sun is shining bright by day, and the moon glowing soft and radiant by night in the city of towers. In the upper city, one tower stands taller than all the rest; split into three spires at its midsection, “The Keep” (the name given to this massive structure given its central location and importance in the city) holds the three key organizations of the city – The Thaynos Trade Tower (named after Governor Thaynos, a ruler of early Sharn who led the people to the prosperity of the current age), where all of the major finance and business dealings are taken care of for the city; Carrion-Phoenix University of Arcane Arts (named after Tobias Carrion, Prescient of the village that became the founding location of Sharn, and Jensen Phoenix, an adventurer who traveled with Carrion and gave his life to protect Carrion), where magic users from all over the continent apply in hopes of learning the great secrets held within its halls; and The Council Tower, where the the Sharn Council sits and rules the city from. All of the major decisions must go through the Council Tower at some point before they are approved.
Inside the magical corridors of the University, the first of our heroes goes about her day to day.
Down in the Undercity, foul smells and shady individuals roam free, as do two more individuals destined for greatness…